Cultural Events

Culture is a primary aspect of the Tinos Habitart vacation experience!

Guests in our rental houses will enjoy unique accommodation quality in a special place aimed to combine leisure and holidays with cultural activities.

Every year we organize cultural events like art exhibitions, musical concerts, film projections concerning the environment and its preservation, etc. Our aim is to present both Greek and foreign artists or even local craftsmen, in order to provide our guests an aspect of the island's cultural heritage and to enrich their vacations with artistic experiences. An olive press, equipped with original traditional machinery, is where some of these events are held. The olive press is part of a group of traditional buildings (also includes a replica of a windmill, a dovecote, a renovated traditional stable called "kelli") that apart from serving as exhibition grounds, constitutes an open-air folk museum.

Upcoming Events

August 2018 

«Μέσα στο κουκούλι»:

Το ΤΙΝΟS HABITART σας προσκαλεί στα εγκαίνια της έκθεσης ζωγραφικής της Μανόλιας Σκουλούδη που διοργανώνει στον εκθεσιακό του χώρο, στον Τριαντάρο τη Δευτέρα 6 Αυγούστου στις 8μμ. Tην ημέρα των εγκαινίων η ηθοποιός Κλεό Σκουλούδη θα απαγγείλει “Το Εγχειρίδιο Πρακτικής Γατικής του Γέρο Πόσουμ” του T.S.Eliot (μετάφραση: Παυλίνα Παμπούδη - Γιάννης Ζέρβας)
Διάρκεια έκθεσης: 6 - 22 Αυγούστου 2018
Ώρες επίσκεψης καθημερινά: 7-10 μμ.
Υπεύθυνη διοργάνωσης και επικοινωνίας:
Χρυσάνθη Κοπέλου, τηλ. 6973 432 917 

«Ιn the cocoon»:

ΤΙΝΟS HABITART cordially invites you to the opening of the painting exhibition by Manolia Skouloudi on Monday 6 August at 8.00 pm.
Opening hours: 7-10 pm.
For more information please call:
Mrs. Chrysanthi Kopelou, mobile 6973 432 917 

The exhibition will be held on the grounds of the Tinos Habitart compounds, in Triantaros. At the opening day the actress Cleo Skouloudi will recite the “Old Possum Book of Practical Cats” of T.S.Eliot (translation: Pavlina Pampoudi - Ianis Zervas)

Open every day: 6 - 22 August 2018

Past Events

August 2017 

Το Tinos-Habitart, στο πλαίσιο των καλλιτεχνικών του εκδηλώσεων της θερινής περιόδου 2017, διοργανώνει στον εκθεσιακό του χώρο, στον Τριαντάρo Τήνου, διήμερη εκδήλωση που περιλαμβάνει: 

Τη θεατρική παράσταση «Η Ελένη» του Γ. Ρίτσου σε σκηνοθεσία Δήμου Αβδελιώδη, την Παρασκευή 18 Αυγούστου 2017 και ώρα 21:00. 

Ερμηνεύει: η Βερόνικα Αργέντζη. Ενδύματα: Αριστείδης Πατσόγλου.

Την κινηματογραφική ταινία: «Το δέντρο που πληγώναμε» σε σκηνοθεσία Δήμου Αβδελιώδη, το Σάββατο 19 Αυγούστου 2017 και ώρα 21:00.
Προλογίζει ο σκηνοθέτης .

Τιμή εισόδου και για τις δύο εκδηλώσεις : 10 ευρώ
Υπεύθυνη επικοινωνίας : Χρυσάνθη Κoπέλου, τηλ. 6973432917

Tinos-Habitart ίη the framework of its artistic events of the summer season 2017, organizes a two-day event on the Tinos-Habitart compound, in Triantaros, which includes:

The theatrical performance "Eleni" of G. Ritsos directed by Dimos Aνdeliodis, on Friday, August 18, 2017 at 9:00 p.m.
Veronica Argentzi performs. Clothing: Aristidis Patsoglou. Α detailed summary will be giνen in English.

The film "The tree we hurt" directed by Dimos Aνdeliodis, on Saturday, August 19 at 9:00 p.m.

The director introduces the film. Α detailed summary will be giνen in English.

Entrance fee for both eνents: 10 euros
For more information please call
Mrs. Chrysanthi Kopelou, tel. +306973432917 

Tinos-Habitart, dans le cadre de ses événements artistiques de la saison estivale 2017, organise un événement de deux jours sur le terrain du complexe Tinos-Habitart, à Triantaros, qui comprend:

La performance théâtrale "Eleni" de G. Ritsos dirigée par Dimos Avdeliodis, le vendredi 18 août 2017 à 21h00.
Veronica Argentzi effectue. Vêtements: Aristidis Patsoglou. Le texte de la performance sera donné en français.

Le film "L'arbre que nous blessions" réalisé par Dimos Avdeliodis, le samedi 19 août à 21h00. Le réalisateur présente le film.
Un résumé détaillé sera donné en français.

Frais d'entrée pour tous les deux événements: 10 euros
Pour plus d'informations, veuillez ap peler
Mme Chrysanthi Kopelou, tél. +306973432917

July 2016- "Co-travelers"

We invite you to the inauguration of the exhibition "Co-travelers" on the 20th of July 2016, 8.30pm presenting Lisa Pentheroudaki's fairy tale "A star is narrating" inspired from Cavafy's poem "ITHACA".
Co-travelers are the artists:
  • Lefteris Kritikos, tapestry
  • Christos Santamouris, painter and engraver
  • Praxitelis Tzanoulinos, sculptor
  • Rihardos Foskolos, sculptor
  • Anastasia Hatziri, painter and engraver
Location: HABITART, Triandaros, TinosDuration: 20/7/2016-05/08/2016Visiting Hours: 8.00pm-10.30pm
Responsible for organizing and communication: Chrisanthi Copelou

August 2016-“Tinos through the eyes of travelers”

We invite you to the exhibition “Tinos through the eyes of travelers” presenting the engravings collection of Katerina Sarafi, aythor of the album “Tinos: Maps and costumes, 15th-19th century”.

Opening: 8 August 2016, 20:30Introduction by researcher Mr. Costas DanousisLocation: HABITART, Triandaros, TinosDuration: 8/8/2016-27/8/2016Visiting hours: 20:00-23:00

Responsible for organizing and communication: Chrisanthi Copelou

August 2015 - Concert of chamber music

A concert of chamber music, held on the 4th of August, on the grounds of the Tinos Habitart compound, in Triantaros. Performing artists were: Lukas David, Apollo Grammatikopoulos, Anastasia Sgara, Phoebe Rousochatzaki (violin) and Dimitris Patras, Gergia Kiprou (cello)

JOSEPH HAYDN | String Trio in G major, Hob. XVI: No. 40
I. Allegretto ed innocente
II. Presto
ARCANGELO CORELLI | La Follia, Op. 5 No. 12

August 2014 - "Tinos 1925-1935"

A photography exhibition, entitled "Tinos 1925-1935," was held in Tinos Habitart from 12 August until 2 September 2014.

The exhibition presented vintage photographs of Tinos, from the family archives of Michael Aspiotis, and was curated by photographer Haris Laskaris.  The opening ceremony included an introductory address on the exhibition given by Savvas E. Apergis and a concert of traditional Greek music by the violinist Jaime Robin Smith.

May 2014 - "The Dove and the Stone"

Exhibition of lithographs, screen prints and paintings by Jill Bennett entitled «The Dove and the Stone». The exhibition opened in 4th of May and was held on the grounds of the Tinos Habitart compound, in Triantaros. The artist is professional member of Visual Arts Scotland, member of the Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop and the Centre de Gravure, Ceret, France.

The presented works are inspired by the sculptural form and decorative designs of traditional Cycladic dovecotes in their landscape.

About the artist: Jill Bennett is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art where she specialised in Drawing and Painting. Based in Edinburgh Jill works in oil, acrylic and gouache alongside a strong interest in printmaking, in particular lithography, which has developed into a major commitment. Her work has been shown in solo and mixed exhibitions.

Recent Work: A series of lithographs, screen prints and paintings has been developed using the sculptural shape and decorative designs of ancient wells, shrines, and traditional domestic buildings found in Greece, France and Spain. Rich in hue and pattern these works reflect the strong light and colours of the landscape, the traditional patterns employed and the texture and sometimes weathered and disintegrating surfaces of the buildings. Recent work has been investigating the transition of these traditional structures from their original function in time, culture, society and landscape, through their frequent disintegration and neglect caused by changes in the social fabric and in the local economy to their more recent recognition as being worthy of restoration and preservation.

Summer 2013 - 
“Chisel In Time”:

On the occasion of its first anniversary, TINOS HABITART held an exhibition of Tinian marble craft in “Liotrivi” - the old olive press - on the grounds of the compound. and was entitled "Chisel In Time" ( August 17 - September 3, 2013).

The works of seven Tinian marble sculptors are on display, paying homage to the Tinian marble worker for the continuous contribution to the Greek tradition. Featured artists were Messrs George Agalou, Yannis Kyrarinis, Argyris Maravelias, Minas Maravelias, Lefteris Naftis, Makis Trigonis, and Antonis Hondroyannis.

The exhibition was held on the grounds of the Tinos Habitart compound, in Triantaros.

Summer 2012:

The first art exhibition at TINOS HABITART was held on August 26 - September 6, 2012. The artists presented were sculptor Aristides Patsoglou, painter Akis Peirounides, professor in the School of Fine Arts of Athens, and Paris-based engraver Christos Santamouris.

Guests in our rental villas will enjoy unique accommodation quality in a special place aimed to combine leisure and holidays with cultural activities.

Our aim is to present both Greek and foreign artists or even local craftsmen so that our guest enrich their vacations with artistic experiences. We also intend to introduce our guests to the island's rich cultural heritage.